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Firefall Live is a show for the Firefall community, where each week we talk about the latest Red 5 News, the happenings in the community as well as highlight user generated content like Fan Art. Typically we have a guest from the company come on the show to talk about their role at the studios and what they're working on.  In light of the announcement of Firefall going into Open Beta on July 9th, we've decided to hold an extended community Q&A session.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by to ask questions! 

Red 5 News

If you haven't heard yet, we have announced Open Beta on July 9th, be sure to catch up on the details!

Beta crystite awards have been announced!  Be sure to look at the dev blog sharing what you can get with your Beta Crystite.

Don't miss out on the conclusion of Brontodon Brawl 3!  The upcoming matches will be very exciting - will favorites Hubris come out on top or is there an upset in the midst?  Find out tomorrow at 11 AM PST on

Community News

Be sure to check out some of our fansites! - A site for your crafting needs. - Check out the latest on the resources available in Coral Forest. - Infocenter for Firefall - Be sure to check out this fantastic German community site. - Drop by this community site for all your Firefall needs in Polish.

Community Q&A

Do You Even Art Bro?

As always, thanks for checking out Firefall Live! If you have any feedback or would like to submit any questions or fan art, send an e-mail to