Hello Firefall Fans,

Welcome to another Firefall development update. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks as the team puts the nose to the grindstone implementing all the plans for this milestone. We’ve been pretty good about keeping up with our bi-weekly patching cycle and last patch introduced a few of the new wandering encounters we spoke of in an earlier update. Be sure to hop into the game and check those out. We plan to have another handful in the next patch as well.

Creature Updates

We mentioned in our first update that one of our goals for this milestone was to perform cleanup on our NPCs and creatures. A lot of this is work that takes place behind the scenes to make it easier for designers to pick and choose which creatures they want to use for an encounter and allow them to manage those creatures without having to worry about over-writing someone else’s work. One of the pieces of this update that you will start to notice in an upcoming patch is a change to what stages of creatures spawn and where those creatures spawn. We changed a lot of our spawning rules to make certain areas more likely to spawn more difficult creatures.

For instance, the melding warfronts in Antarctica, Diamondhead, and Sargossa Sea will no longer spawn Stage I creatures, but will have specific ranges for each zone. While New Eden will keep mostly to just Stage I with pockets of Stage II in certain areas and around the melding. The reason for this change is to provide a safe area for new players just learning the game, but also provide a more consistent experience for existing players looking for challenges.

Inventory Limits

To give a quick update on where we’re at with limited inventory; we have the system almost entirely built, but we are still testing the numbers. Many of you have asked how limited inventory will actually affect your character, so we wanted to take a moment and share our thoughts there. Instead of simply blocking your ability to pick up new items when reaching your inventory limit, we want there to be a buffer zone that allows you to continue playing until you have time to manage your excess items. To achieve this, when you are over your limit you will start to feel encumbered with a small reduction in your movement speed, jump height, air control, and jet strength. Once you reach a high point of too many items, the encumbrance will have more of an impact on your ability to move.

At an extreme level over the item limit, you will lose the ability to pick up any dropped items and will lose the ability to sell items on the marketplace. As mentioned before, we do not have exact numbers on these variables yet as we want to implement them on our own characters and get a sense for what it feels like before applying them to all accounts. On top of that, we are still waiting for salvaging to come online so that you can quickly and easily remove items from your inventory. There are also many things that we need to go through to ensure they do not take inventory space such as; all Red Bean items, all gliderpads, LGVs, AMPs, Resonators, currencies, etc. We also want to implement ways for you to expand your inventory by unlocking new frames, purchasing more space for crystite, or via Red Bean purchases.

New Content

The content designers are working on the campaign missions and have made great progress. We’ve had a lot of great ideas being implemented and new tools coming online to really take the story-telling to the next level. The goal for the campaign is to keep on trucking after we release the first set of missions and have those same folks keep working on the next Act and Chapters to keep releasing new campaign missions as often as we can.

Dev Update 11 22 13You may have seen some sneak preview shots of the expansion of Diamondhead. We have an entire team working on that content, but we do not expect it to be ready for this milestone. Building out an entire zone with new content and the first part of Pushing Back the Melding will take some time. We hope to have it come online shortly after the milestone is done, but it’s one of our “stretch goals”. We’re very excited about what’s happening there, we just aren’t ready to share the details yet.

Our new band of content designers working on wandering encounters are doing an amazing job and are ahead of schedule which just means that they can continue to pump out even more amazing content. Dave Lee, one of the designers on that team was recently on Firefall Live and shared some of the ideas that they are currently working on and we are extremely geeked to see more of that content coming online.

As always, thank you for being a part of our beta process. We know it’s not always easy, but we do appreciate everything you bring to the table. See you in New Eden!