Hello Firefall Fans,

Welcome to the latest edition of the Firefall Development Update. This week you really get to see behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a game developer. You get to see that sometimes, the only update to give is that things continue to move forward. Over the past week the team has been hard at work implementing all of the things that we talked about in our first development update weeks ago.

Lgv AmbushWe’ve made a lot of progress on technical designs to support new features along with implementing that technology into our servers and tools so that we can begin building the content. We’ve also made significant progress on our wandering encounters that we spoke of two weeks ago and we expect to have a few of them in the next patch cycle.

One of our major goals with this milestone was to clean up our creature database to make sure that the same types of creatures were following the same types of behaviors. Throughout the week we were able to deprecate all duplicates and unused copies of creatures so that the team can now begin cleaning up the behaviors, animations, and abilities that those creatures have. It’s not pretty work, but all of this goes towards our primary goal of releasing a quality product. We are better able to control bugs with creatures when there are fewer copies of that same creature in the game.

We’ve also made tremendous progress on a new feature for the game that will allow us to string together multiple encounters with branching trees all wrapped up in a loose narrative structure. The goals of this system are to provide multi-step quest-like missions that take players through a session of gameplay. So if you don’t know what to do when you log in, you can participate in one of these and get 30-60 minutes of gameplay where you’re exploring the world completing encounters with special voice overs and stories that help put context into the missions that you’re completing. It’s a very nice system and once online, should provide designers and writers an excellent tool for creating content in the world.
You may have noticed that limited inventories are enabled in the latest patch. The limit is set to 8 million right now with the expectation that no one should be hitting that limit (the highest player isn’t even close to this limit). We pulled data based on active users and have an idea of what we would like the limit to be and how we’d like it to work, but we’d like to spend some time internally testing those ideas before sharing them to make sure we’re not way off-base. We plan to release item salvaging and the prestige system mentioned last week before turning limited inventory on at any reasonable levels.

That’s it for the update this week. We continue to roll out additional bug fixes and content as it comes online every two weeks, so keep playing and sharing your feedback. Be sure to also let us know what sorts of consumables and calldowns you might like to see in this thread on our forums. Thanks for continuing to help us make the best game we can.