Hello Firefall Fans,

Happy Halloween! In this week’s development update, we wanted to take some time to talk about a specific sub-set of features revolving around crafting and items. We’ve spoken in the past about things like the salvage system, changes to durability and repairing, and crafting specializations. Today we’d like to dive into these topics a little bit deeper. It is important to note that these are just initial designs. Additional iteration is required and details may change over the next few weeks.

Crafting Specialization

We mentioned last week that we had plans to implement a research “tree” for crafting to help with the presentation of researching. This change in presentation will make it much easier for players to understand what research unlocks what components and allows them to plan their research in a much more direct fashion.

On top of this change is the introduction of crafting “professions” or specializations. The goal of this system is to provide players with a way to dive deep into the types of crafting they want to focus on providing them deeper customization options, more optional components, and special recipes that drop in the world or become available through missions or achievements along with the default recipes.

Our current plan is to split the current recipes into three categories; weapons (primary & secondary), Ability Modules, Battleframe Modules (servos, jumpjets, plating, passives, HKM). General recipes would be available to all players. When a player begins with the crafting system, they would choose which specialization they want and begin their career in crafting. Current players will most likely be grandfathered in to anything they’ve already unlocked based on our current system.

The system allows for future additions of new specializations (with the option to re-specialize) such as Vehicles, Resource Collection, or Outpost Construction.

Item Prestige

A new system that we are planning on releasing soon is the idea of item prestige or item experience. The idea behind this is that the longer players are in a combat state, actively fighting the Chosen or other denizens of Firefall, the more prestige or experience their items can earn. Being in a combat state (not just using an item) decreases the durability of an item at the same rate that it increases the prestige of an item. Dying does not increase the prestige of an item, but will still decrease the durability. The longer an item lasts, the more prestige it can earn.
In order to increase the amount of time items can last, we’re implementing a new repair option with multiple levels of repair. The more crystite players spend repairing their item, the fewer points that are removed from the repair pool. So for instance, a player might choose to repair their Plasma Cannon for the cheapest repair rate. This means the item would be repaired for 1000 points, but it would require 1000 points from the repair pool. Instead, the player could choose to repair using a Level 2 repair; choosing this repair level would cost you 5 crystite per point you wanted to repair, but only decrement the repair pool at 55% of its normal value equating to 1000 points repaired while only removing 550 points from the pool. This system allows players to extend the life of their items greatly, but at an increasing cost.

Dropped items would start at a higher prestige than crafted items due to the fact that they do not have any repair pool. This prestige would most likely be based on their quality and rarity. The prestige level of your items plays a big role in the next system we’re going to talk about…


Salvaging is something that we’ve talked about for a very long time and now the time has come to get this feature in the game. The idea behind salvaging is that a player should get something in return for the items that they find in the world or end up using up through combat. Upon salvaging an item, players will be granted some amount of resources and research points. Research points are required to unlock new recipes or advanced functionality on the crafting research tree.

On top of the resources and research points results generated when salvaging, there is also the chance to get some rare items. For instance, salvaging an item might generate a new “lost tech” recipe that allows the player to craft a brand new item that has been lost over time since the Firefall event. These recipes could be a one-time use or a permanent recipe that is always available. They too could be sold on the marketplace to other enterprising crafters.
This is where prestige comes in. The higher the prestige of an item, the higher the amount of resources and research points; as well as the higher the chance for rare components or recipes generated from salvaging. Using your items to completion or salvaging high prestige dropped items benefits you greatly.

These are just some of the changes that we are working on. As prefaced at the beginning of this blog, these are just the current ideas. Through implementation, testing, and iteration many of these things can, and probably will, change. The exact numbers, costs, and examples used are still in flux and will require additional testing as well as feedback from all of you. Thank you for reading our latest update; be sure to let us know what you think on the forums.