With our resource migration event now officially complete as of Firefall version 1.0 coming online earlier in the week, we wanted to post one last leaderboard update, as well as provide an update on the status of the community-wide monument reward. Read on below for a look at the finalized list of top donating ARES Pilots as we’ve had some place movements from the last update!

Hello Firefall Fans!

Welcome to our final leaderboard and community rewards update. With over one billion additional Beta Resources donated throughout the last week of the event, there has been some movement in the top 10 and top 100 list of donators! Let’s take a look at the final standings:

Final Leaderboard Standings

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

Finishing in first place, a BIG congratulations goes to:

    1. L33T (100,001,337)

Also with amazing finishes, in second through tenth place:

    2. Echlin (50,000,000)
    3. SaunaCowboy (42,093,000)
    4. FunnyCide (31,334,000)
    5. cartographer (27,500,000)
    6. RockinForever (27,048,000)
    7. Tostie (27,045,000)
    8. Dakirn (26,961,000)
    9. PACATOSUL (24,839,000)
    10. LoRNiKoN (22,014,000)

And those who finished in eleventh through one-hundredth place** can be found here. (**We suggest using control+f to find if your character’s name is on this page.)

Congratulations again to all participating Pilots!
Due to the custom nature of the various Leaderboard rewards listed here, we’ll begin reaching out to those in the top-10, and working on applying (which needs to be done manually for each user) the new forum avatar border to the top-100’s forum accounts, just as soon as possible. We appreciate your continued patience! The top-100 do have their "Hero of the Accord" title available for use in-game use now, additionally.

Community-Wide Reward


Every Beta Resource manually donated by any Pilot during the event was counted towards the tiered community-wide achievement goal of building the Battlecruiser in Devil’s Tusk.

Congratulations, Pilots! As mentioned previously, all tiers were unlocked and a monument is being placed in New Eden by the Accord to celebrate, and they hope to have it built as soon as possible.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
Work in Progress*
Click image for full-size version

All present and future ARES Pilots will be able to interact with the monument to:

  • See a list of the names of all Pilots who manually donated Beta Resources during the “Dawn of the Invasion” Resource Migration Event.
  • Gain a 7% buff to their out-of-combat Movement Speed and a 7% buff to their max HP for one hour (which can be renewed by interacting again after the duration) and only while they remain in Coral Forest. (You will only need to walk into the middle of the base it sits on to gain the buff.)

*As you can see, and as was represented by the “work in progress” tags from our past updates, there have been some art design changes to the monument. It appears that the Accord’s memorial committee was out on leave when the original monument was being designed, and they requested its blueprints to be updated before it was built so that it could meet certain aesthetic requirements it maintains for its memorials. It was also decided that it will reside in Trans-Hub.

NOTE: All of the rewards from the individual achievements have been distributed as of Thursday (July 16) morning PDT. We apologize for the issue that caused the receipt of these rewards to be delayed for some players.

Data current as of July 14, 2014 at server shutdown.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our “Dawn of the Invasion” event, and we hope those who earned rewards are enjoying them! We’ll see you in-game.

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Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

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