Hello Firefall Fans! This is a reminder that we will be bringing our game servers down tomorrow, July 14th, at 12:01am PDT (click to view in your timezone)! The servers will be down until 10:00am PDT on Tuesday, July 15th (click to view in your timezone). During that downtime, we will be performing large scale maintenance and upgrades as well as patching our servers into the new version of Firefall! Our website and forums will still be up, so make sure to check in for updates!

Additionally, remember that only accounts that were created before July 8th will be able to log into Firefall between tomorrow and July 29th. If anyone with a newly created account wants to be able to play before the official launch on the 29th, they can get access starting on the 15th by purchasing a Firefall Launch Pack.

We can’t wait for you all to try out the new Firefall! Make sure to stop by and say hey on our forums and social media platforms during the downtime!


Our maintenance and migration is still in progress, but it appears that it will be a little more extended than originally hoped.  Please keep an eye on the forum thread linked below for more updates.

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Firefall is the much-anticipated free-to-play sci-fi MMO shooter from Red 5 Studios. Play for FREE starting July 29th, 2014 on Steam! Want access earlier than that? Click here for more information on our early access program!

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