Hello prey Firefall Fans! The Doomsday event starts today at 5pm PDT (click to view in your timezone) and will run until 12:01am PDT (click to view in your timezone) on Monday when the servers are brought down for maintenance and the deployment of our launch patch. Now, this does not mean that right at 5pm a whole bunch of dev-controlled chosen will show up, but rather that you may come across them any time within that timeframe. There will, however, be a number of scheduled attacks each day where we will have a number of devs hop on at the same time across all active US or EU shards (depending on the time slot).

Coordinated Attack Times

Final Attack

The final attack at 11pm on Sunday will run all the way up until the servers come down and will be a no-rules full out assault. Prepare your jawbones, because we’re coming for them!

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