Greetings, and Happy New Year, ARES Operators! It's a new year and most importantly a new month, which means we've got a new round of Red Bean Rewards ready to go for you!

For the month of January, if you buy some Red Beans, you can also cash in on some of these great rewards!  If you buy the $5 or $10 pack you can score a 'Beta Raider' title.  $20 or $50 will get you the title as well as a Pinecone Hat and a permanent Topaz Gliderpad.  Spending $100 will get you all of that stuff PLUS a Vortex LGV and an epic Accord Tech Monocle.  That's all in addition to any Red Beans plus bonus Red Beans you get with those packs!

If you're starting to run low on your Beans, or you want to get a hold of some of these sweet items, drop by and take advantage of these rewards today!