ARES Operators, you are in for a treat.

During the month of December, we are adding a number of new Red Bean Pack rewards. In true Firefall fashion, we’ve chosen to include a bunch of cool items such as the Pinecone Hat, Monoclops Zoom Visor, and Vortex LGV. Spend a little for the essentials or splurge on a brand new LGV. Take a look at the offerings below.

December2013 Rb Incentive Large• Score an in-game Beta Pilot Title* with $5 and $10 packs.

• Show off the brand new Pinecone Hat* cosmetic and fan favorite Dusk Gliderpad item with the $20 and $50 packs.

• At the $100 level, hardcore fans will earn a Vortex LGV* and Monoclops Zoom Visor.

Note: All items marked with an asterisk (*) are new.

The holidays embody the spirit of giving, so treat yourself with a Firefall Red Bean Pack and reap the benefits today.

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