In an effort to shed some light on the amazing fans, players, and supporters of Firefall and Red 5, we are very excited to announce a new weekly blog series called the Community Spotlight. Every Monday we will be rolling out the red carpet to celebrate the most dedicated members from the community; users whose contributions truly enhance Firefall and make the community a better place.

No matter how you choose to show your support – written stories, live streams, community events, or artistic expression – we would love to show our thanks by showcasing your work for all to see. Every week the community team will be combing through the forum, fan sites, and social media to find the users that go an extra mile to connect with their peers and create awesome content.

To all of our Firefall followers, users, and enthusiasts, we appreciate you. Without further ado we are happy to present this week’s featured content.

1. Papercraft Dreadnaught
Starting this week off with a bang, community member Fabricio21RJ proves that paper is far more versatile than any of us ever imagined. With the skill of an artisan, or paper wizard as we like to call it, our first entrant to the Community Spotlight is working on an ongoing project to transform pieces of paper into 3D papercraft battleframes. You have to see it to believe it. Move over origami, there's a new paper sheriff in town.

2. Special Herp a Derby with Tony aka ThaCheez
Do you like to drive fast? Crash into things? What if we told you that during this week's LGV destruction derby, you could potentially watch ThaCheez crash and burn in a blaze of glory? Not only is it true, but it's happening this Monday, November 25th at 4PM PST. Hosted by the COG Army, this special edition of Herp a Derby is sure to be explosive.

3. Back to Earth Music Video
You may have played Firefall, but you've never seen New Eden quite like this. Karion's music video combines cinematic visuals with a melodic, yet powerful musical score. The world of Firefall has never been so alive, check out the amazing video for yourself.

If you were not featured this week, don’t lose hope. Every week we will be searching for fantastic community projects so keep up the great work and stay tuned for our next Community Spotlight.