Welcome to another edition of the Community Spotlight. This week, we found two creative projects to share, one written and one of the video variety. Salute your fellow community members, and enjoy.

Alternate Firefall Intro 

Forum member Malorenor made it into our Community Spotlight this week with a new take on the Firefall intro dialogue. The re-imagination offers everything you would want from an opening sequence, carefully enticing new players into the Firefall universe with a blend of bold dramatics and backstory. We appreciate the twist and thought it was not only entertaining, but also informational. Check out a small excerpt below.

“And then the Chosen came. Ghostly humanoids with strange machinery, weapons and ships.
They came from within the Melding, and will not stop until they have taken over the planet.
We are living a nightmare.”

The Making of Fan-made ‘Strive and Thrive’ Video

It’s easy to take video content for granted. It can’t be that hard to record and compile gameplay into a cinematic medium right? Wrong. Community member Ephidel is here to set the record straight with just a taste of how difficult the video editing process can be. Take a look at the making of one particular scene from his Firefall ‘Strive and Thrive’ video. Props my friend, you’ve earned our respect.

With the big milestone patch officially on the Public Test Server, we hope to find many more community-sponsored events, fan art, and creative projects in the coming weeks. The more we find, the more we’ll showcase each week in the Community Spotlight, keep up the great work everyone!