It’s officially February in New Eden and we’re happy to showcase a few top community projects this week. We know it’s hard to pull yourself way from the big milestone patch, but take a break, and show some love to your featured community members.

Ephidel’s Firefall Music Video Gallery

Last week we featured a video from Ephidel that showcased how difficult the video editing process can so be. We wanted to follow up on the making of ‘Strive and Thrive’ video with Ephidel’s complete collection of submissions and other projects. Check out his music video gallery in the forums.

PapayouFR’s Tribute to Firefall

The Community Spotlight would not be complete without a piece of amazing Firefall fan art. This week, we can all give a round of applause to a member of our French community, PapayouFR. The Firefall tribute is incredibly impressive and beautiful to look at. With bold shades of pinks and purples, Firefall’s environment is presented in a whole new light. It’s truly a piece of art, and we’re honored to share it with the community.

There you have it for the first Community Spotlight of February. Remember, each week we sift through the forums, social media, and fan sites to find the most notable Firefall related projects and events that we can. Keep contributing to the community and maybe you will be featured next week!