The holiday season is officially upon us! Maybe it's the festive displays, the sentimental time with our loved ones, or drinking too much eggnog, but something about this time of year makes us at Red 5 feel definitively warm and fuzzy. We want to pass on that celebratory attitude by showcasing the community members and events that bring us together. Let's show that loving special holiday spirit in this week's Community Spotlight.

Cratefall 2 December 15 at 1900 GMT

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a flying crate full of Firefall goodies! On December 15th, join your fellow ARES Operators in the only community sponsored event of its kind, Cratefall. What is Cratefall? Picture this, dozens of daily rewards crates chocked full of yummy resources plummeting from the sky all at the same time. If you're a daily rewards hoarder, this event is definitely for you. Save up those rewards crates and join your friends in a frantic, fast-paced treasure hunting event. Christmas is coming early in New Eden.

Homeless Arahna Caption Contest

Although community member DarkByke's latest forum contribution isn't exactly Christmas themed, what better way to get users together than by hosting a caption contest? Earn Firefall street cred by submitting your own funny caption, or pop into the forum thread for some good laughs. Don't pass up this awesome opportunity to meet other community members and have a blast.

Project Firesiege 

If the name isn't cool enough, HyArma's new Firesiege project caught our eye due to sheer inventiveness. With the hefty goal of bringing Firefall into the Starsiege Tribes world, HyArma is in the process of creating a mod that introduces the weapons, abilities, look and feel that you would find in Firefall into Tribes. Talk about impressive, check out a video below.

Thank you for joining us in another edition of Community Spotlight. We'll be on the lookout for more outstanding community members and events so stay tuned until next Monday.