Welcome to another exciting edition of Community Spotlight. In a little over a week, many of us will be celebrating Christmas with family and friends. Continuing the theme of togetherness, let's spend a few moments today commemorating the amazing creations of a different kind of family, a Firefall community.

Holiday Firefall Mass Caroling Challenge

MadMim is getting us into the holiday mood this week with a mass caroling challenge, Firefall style. Putting a twist on the old holiday classic, The 12 Days of Christmas, users are welcomed to help revamp the song with a Firefall theme. Let the hilarity ensue with Firefall's most entertaining Christmas song yet.

Stygian Hunters Fan Art

Community member BrojoJoJohn is working on a piece of fan art that we're just dying to see more of. If the line work isn't impressive enough, the artist is even planning on incorporating his own lore and backstory into the design. Although only a teaser of the final product, this work in progress is a surefire contender for Do You Even Art Bro.

Nbbmo's Short Story

Tying together a ton of exciting Firefall moments into a bite-size package, Nbbmo's short story rekindles the feelings of playing Firefall for the first time – charging ARES missions across New Eden, blowing up hordes of Aranha in a blaze of glory, and battling waves of Chosen. It's a refreshing story that any ARES Operator, new or old, can appreciate.

That concludes this week's Community Spotlight. For more amazing projects from the community, stay tuned for next week's episode.