If you receive this transmission, do NOT--I repeat, DO NOT approach the Omnicon Arsenal Event outside of Sunken Harbor! It is mass mayhem on the ground here! The Chosen have arrived in droves, pouring over the mountain range to the west and raining in on droppods from the sky! The valley remains in sheer pandemonium. An Arsenal pilot--I'm told his name is Treezat but this has not been independently confirmed--I'm told Treezat was marked for death by what's being called the 'Chosen Executioner'...a towering hulk that seems hell-bent to kill this ARES pilot in particular. This...executioner...keeps crying out Treezat's name in a shrill voice with an intense look in his eyes which--even at this distance from where I safely stand--is a bloodlust, the likes of which I have never seen before. It is absolutely pure carnage here, with the basin absolutely littered with the fallen from both sides.

Early-detection systems notified Trans-Hub at the first inbound Chosen blips and I've no doubt that the Accord responded as quick as it could, but this invasion force is so massive that even Nostromo appears to have been taken off guard. A Flash-5 APB went out, asking all ARES members & veterans within the region to suit up and lend immediate assistance. The Omnidyne-M molecular printer has been printing trial Arsenal battleframes as fast as it can manage, empowering newcomers to roll immediately into combat. Some of these recruits are so green, it makes a grown man like myself wince seeing them charge off bravely into the thick of it, knowing they've yet to feel the sharp burn of being genetically reassembled. I've adopted the rather macabre practice of guessing how long a new recruit will last in the Arsenal before I see them at the repatterning station next to me. The Arsenal battleframe is too much power for many of these inexperienced pilots! I've given my feedback to Omnidyne-M before, but I feel they should limit this new hardware to only two weapons in a situation like this, rather than the entire cache! A fourth of our causalities are probably from the new battleframe in inexperienced hands! Omnidyne needs to dial back the Arsenal!

Did you hear that?! Did you HEAR IT?! Not sure if my SIN wetware port is picking up these frequencies, but another salvo of droppods just landed, with another wave of Chosen pouring forth. I'll tell you, they might win just by sheer numbers. It is helter skelter--from Sunken Harbor to the basin! The entir--oh no. The Chosen Executioner is making another pass this direction. He seems to be...he definitely is following the same guy! That must be Treezat headed directly at me. No...NO....NO!