Your First Steps

Basic Controls

Your character is controlled by your keyboard and mouse. Movement is controlled by your W, A, S, and D keys, while your mouse lets you look around the world and aim your crosshairs when in a fight. Your left-mouse fires your primary attack, while your right-mouse button fires your primary weapon’s alternate fire, or centers down the iron sights of your secondary weapon (which you can swap to by pressing Q). Your four battleframe abilities are mapped to the 1-4 keys, while the 5-8 keys are available for you to assign a variety of calldowns or consumables. You can jump by tapping spacebar, and holding down spacebar will activate your jump jets.

Firefall can be played from either a first or third person perspective.  You can switch between views at any time by pressing the middle-mouse button.

You can change your key binding options at any time through the Options Menu. 

Interacting with the World

Throughout the world, you’ll come across many different objects that you can interact with. Some of these provide services, like your Battleframe Garage or the New You station, while others are mission-specific. Items that you can interact with will light up when your crosshairs hover over them. As you approach the item, a prompt will appear above the item prompting you to interact with it. There are two kinds of prompts that you will see:

  • Immediate Action – Items with a square Interact prompt, like the New You station or Battleframe Garage, will be accessed the moment you press your Interact Key (E by default).
  • Delayed Action – Items with a circular Interact prompt will require you to stand still until the circular timer clears. Interruptions (moving, some attacks, etc.) will reset the timer.


Your Notifications panel is where you will find squad invites, duel requests, reward screens, and unread mail messages. When you receive a notification, press N to open the Notification window.

You can scroll between your different notifications by using the middle mouse wheel, or the up/down arrow keys. Different notifications will have different options available, as well.

  • Mission notifications can be undocked (hidden from view) with a left-click of the mouse. 
  • Squad invites and friend requests can be accepted with a left-click, or declined with a right-click.

If you find yourself in a different instance of the game than your Squad Leader, you can type “/joinleader” in the chat window to warp directly to your Squad Leader’s instance of the game.

Navigation Wheel

Your Navigation Wheel, accessible by pressing the tilde key (`), allows you easy access to many different features in Firefall. With your Navigation Wheel, you can quickly access the following menus:

  • Cash Shop: Buy Red Beans or access the Red Bean store (also accessible by pressing ,).
  • Calldowns: Opens your calldown menu where you can quickly access your vehicles, mining equipment, and more (also accessible by pressing C).
  • Marketplace: Open the Marketplace where you can buy and sell equipment to and from other players (also accessible by pressing T).
  • Notifications: Review any pending notifications such as squad invites or mission rewards (also accessible by pressing N).
  • Atlas Records: Review your progress towards the various available achievements or view your campaign mission ledger (also accessible by pressing L).
  • Social: Access your friends list or create a squad (also accesible by pressing O).
  • Versus: Challenge other players to duel.
  • World Map: Open your map where you can see where you are in the world and what events are happening in your area (also accessible by pressing M).

Scroll through the options with your middle mouse wheel, or the up and down arrows on your keyboard. Left-click selects a menu, while right-click will take you back to the previous menu.

Options Menu

Press Esc to access the Options menu. From this menu, you will be able to fully customize your audio and video settings, or adjust the network settings to maximize your experience regardless of your Internet set-up. The Options menu also allows you to fully customize your key bindings, as well as your mouse options and other visual cues through the Gameplay section.

Finally, you can personalize your User Interface layout under the Interface section. Here you can move each individual element, change sizes and orientations, change colors, and even turn certain elements on or off.