Open World MMO Shooter
Skill-Based Combat
Completely Free to Play
Immersive PvE Experience
Assault Battleframe
The Assault Battleframe is a balanced combination of speed and power, and is commonplace among the Accord infantry.
Engineer Battleframe
The Engineer Battleframe comes equipped with an assortment of gadgets and gear to give them the advantage in any situation.
Biotech Battleframe
Designed for combat support, the Biotech Battleframe helps keep you in the fight while still taking the attack to your enemy.
Recon Battleframe
The Recon is the Battleframe of choice for players who want to pick off their enemies from afar.
Dreadnaught Battleframe
Built to withstand an unparalleled amount of punishment, the Dreadnaught Battleframe comes with a heavy machine gun to unleash a rain of bullets on the enemy.
Click the icons below to preview the Battleframe's abilities!
Choose Your Battleframe
Switch between various loadouts on the fly, all while in the midst of battle!
A Dynamic Living World
Escape linear quest lines and experience a story that is all your own with dynamically-generated content.
Create Your Character, Your Way
Build your Character in Firefall the way you want. Choose your Battleframe, weapon style, unique abilities, and even warpaint color patterns, and Battleframe accessories.
Manufacture Gear
Manufacture ultimate weapons and abilities by gathering high quality resources and components.
Unique Warpaints
Mix and match warpaints and patterns to give your Battleframe a standout apperance or aggressive look.
Accessories and Hats
Unlock or purchase tons of unique accessories: hats, decals, and masks are just a few available.