We've received some awesome entries for the Letters to Santa contest, thank you all so very much to those who participated! It was so hard to pick our favorites from these great entries, but we did decide to extend the prize to one additional winner, bringing it to four total winners as opposed to the originally planned three. We also have responses from Santa to the winners' letters. Join us in congratulating our winners!

Letter from Trunksies

Dear Santa,

I would really like an Elf pet to follow me around and dance with me and ask me to go snort some frosting. I have been a very good ARES operator this year. I killed all the chosen I saw and asploded them with my Recluse alt fire. They blewed up into a lot of peices. It was awwwwesome. :D I also set Arahana on fire with mah Firecat. I donated all my resonators to New Eden and refined all my resources. PLUH-EEEASE gimme Elf.



I left some cookies and wikiwacker on the mantle for you. ;)

Santa's Response to Trunksies

Dear Trunksies,

First of all, Wiki Whackers, while incredibly delicious, do not compliment a plate of cookies. Together it is far too sweet, and Santa must watch his blood sugar levels.

So you wish to adopt one Elf from my immeasurable legion of pointy eared trouble-makers. To be honest you're doing me a favor. They eat too much, are considerably rude, and smell of peppermint and body-odor (not a nice combination). However, before I happily send away one of my Elves I must lay down some ground rules:

1) Do not let him lick any candy canes after midnight. I won't go into details, but suffice to say, people will probably d--... just don't do it.

2) Keep him away from water. No, not because he will spawn many copies of himself, which would be horrible, I agree. He has the ability to turn any liquid to eggnog. Imagine you are bathing, and he happens along. I will speak no more on the subject.

I also suggest you keep the frosting snorting to a minimum. When Elves tweak out words cannot describe the chaos and destruction that will surely follow. The Firefall event of old would be a light rain in comparison.

Enjoy your Elf. All give-aways are final. Seriously, I don't want to see him back here.


Congratulations on your new Elf pet!

Elf Pet

Letter from pHneutral

Hello Dear FireClaus, writes you a simple guy from Russian Siberia, pHneutral.

In Siberia, the winters are very cold , yesterday it was -25 and -30 tomorrow and so on until the end of the year .
December 31 I need to go to work, thank you that has delivered us hats with earflaps! They are very warm , but the face is cold.

PhneutralwithivanPresent me on new year as you have a beard, winter crept imperceptibly and I could not grow a beard. And it would be cool to paint my jacket pattern Candy Stripes, to hide in the forest between birch trees. :)

Thank you and Happy New Year to all developers and players of Firefall! <3

p.s.: On photo Iam with my friend Ivan. Ivan very tired on hard work.

p.p.s.: From Russia Siberia with love to Firefall.

Santa's Response to pHneutral

Dear phNeutral,

I too come from a cold place. I have the good fortune to have a beard. A cold face is one of the worst things that can happen. Except running out of coffee, nothing is worse than running out of coffee.

I cannot bring warmth to Siberia, no one can. But I can smack you right across the face with warmth. I mean that in the best possible way. May the power of my beard guide you to a forgotten land of face comfort.

Your friend Ivan will surely be jealous of your new, fluffy beard. Of course, first you will have to wake him up so he can see. Are you sure he is just very tired. He looks... not well.


Congratulations on your new Santa Beard, as modeled here by ARES Operator Lilii!

F Firecat Santabeard

Letter from Nightfyre

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year. I have helped many people in my travels and stopped many Chosen from ruining Christmas day for many. Though I do wish the Chosen would not get a lump of coal this year; granted they do bad things but it's only in their nature Santa.

I think if you were to show them some Christmas spirit and give them some gifts it might reignite the lump of coal in their hearts and make them grow five times larger.

For myself this Christmas I would like a beard that's as fluffy and possibly soft as yours. I can not grow one myself because of genetics. So I hope that you might provide me with one.

Merry Christmas Santa.

Your friend and good boy,


Santa's Response to Nightfyre

Dear Nightfyre,

You have been a good boy this year, but now it is time to become a man. A bearded man. The only kind of acceptable man there is.

If genetics were a little boy or girl, the coal avalanche they would receive could bury the Arclight. Genetics is a cruel and unfair beast of burden, shamefully stealing away your manliness. Today Santa will rectify that problem.

Go forth as your new bearded self, and show the Accord, the Chosen, and the world that you are a MAN.

I am also pleased that you would wish good cheer upon beings as naughty as the Chosen, however, if I were to give them gifts that, in turn, dramatically increase their heart size five-fold I am afraid they would soon suffer cardiac arrest and die.

Perhaps it is just the thought that counts, or perhaps you are cleverly attempting to find an easy way to commit Chosen genocide. Either way, enjoy your new beard... MAN.


Congratulations on your Santa's Beard as modeled by ARES Operator, Lilii!

F Firecat Santabeard

Letter from Calyessa [Zortiander]

/*Starting encrypted Stream*/
/*Select Key: UPVN – Sigma 23 – OpenVPN Protocol – Blowfish */
Building Tunnel…
/*Position: Scrambled*/
/*Audio: enabled. Video: disabled*/

[There are gunshots in the background. Someone screaming.]

Dear Weihnachtsmann,

I have found a quiet moment to write you this letter. As every year, I have been watching the melding and wondering how you manage to ensure your sled and Elks are melding proof. And how you operate with all the Chosen around – do you bear them gifts, too?

[The sound of a heavy Sniper Rifle echoes through the air, followed by death grunts of chosen. Five times. Reloading. A heavy round is loaded.
One shot. Screams. Then – silence again. The young female voice trails on, as if nothing had happened, with the innocence of a little child.]

For this year, dear Weihnachtsmann, I would kindly ask you for a better pattern for my armour. I hardly ever get out of it, and it does not match with my Sniper Rifle and Tech Antlers. I’d ask you for a mini-skirt and high heels, but I’d never wear them anyway. And if I remember, you didn’t have new jets. So, back to that pattern.

[Two more shots, reloading. Then that sound of a hyper-charged Sniper Rifle and suddenly Earth-shattering, ultra low frequency shots. Stones falling. Undiscernable screams. Jets whining up, calming and finally the sound of a Grenade. Hushed, rushed voice, wind, high powered jets.]

Also, if my pattern was to match my make-up, maybe they’d hesitate a second more before shooting at me. How’d they get so close?

[Voice calms down again, naïve, almost child-like anew]
So dear Weihnachtsmann, when you’ll rush through the melding, do bring me a bit of unspoiled Earth from Germany, if anything is left of it, and I’ll be ever greatful.


[Multiple Shots ringing through the air, screams, cut off.]

/*End of Stream*/

Santa's Response to Calyessa [Zortiander]

Dear Calyessa or Zortiander,

I appreciate you taking the time to write me during your busy schedule of shooting things in the face, although next time maybe just write this letter from your bunk or something.

I, unfortunately, do not bring the Chosen any gifts. They are very disagreeable people who tend to go above and beyond the typical "bah humbug!". I make it a habit to not show much generosity towards people that fire super-hot plasma at my sled.

I'll also point out that they are reindeer pulling my sled, not elk, and robot reindeer at that. It is the future after all. Flying near the Melding and Chosen has forced me to upgrade. Rudolph the Laser Gatling Gun Nosed Reindeer leads the pack, and generally keeps us out of harm. Sometimes I need to activate the heat seeking missile salvo on Blitzen, or the plasma air burst cannon on Comet should the Chosen get brazen.

In an emergency I can detach Prancer from the pack to run interference and distract while I escape. Luckily I have a lot of Prancers back at the lab.

Anyway... I can hook you up with a new Battleframe pattern, although I don't think it's very good camo. You will certainly look festive, but I foresee needing to shoot many more faces.


Congratulations on your Candy Stripe Pattern as modeled here by ARES Operator, Lilii!

F Firecat Candystripe

Congratulations again to our winners!  We'll be sending e-mails directly to you once Santa has delivered your items to you.  Happy holidays!