A huge milestone for us is on the horizon, as we are excited to announce that after years of closed beta testing, Firefall will enter Open Beta on July 9th, 2013! Once the doors swing open on July 9th, gamers from all corners of the globe will be able to explore the world of Firefall, fighting off the Chosen and experiencing skill-based vertical combat found nowhere else!

So what does this mean for current Closed Beta players? Well, in May and again in July we’ll be rolling out new content updates for the game. While these updates will contain bug fixes and refinements of the systems already in the game, they’re also going to be introducing new elements. What are these elements? Well…

  • Location Fortification Perks: By completing missions specific to particular POIs, you and your friends will be able to unlock bonuses and rewards as they fortify different locations in the game. 
  • Blackwater Anomaly: By fortifying different locations in New Eden, you’ll be able to open a rift to a specialized instance allowing you to take the fight directly to the enemy.
  • Melding Exploration: Once a location has been fortified, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the deadly Melding cloud which has consumed much of the planet to find out more about where it came from and what we can do to destroy it.

These are just some of the new features we want to have in by Open Beta. During Open Beta we’ll continue to add new content, including new dynamic missions, world-wide in-game events, and the first chapters of our episodic story campaigns.

We’re excited to finally open the gates and make the game available to all. Be sure to check out the FAQ for additional questions about the upcoming Open Beta. Also, if you don’t want to wait until July 9th, you can sign up for immediate beta access by purchasing a Founders Pack – they’re only up for a limited time, and include a number of exclusive items that you won’t be able to pick up once Open Beta arrives.

Finally, to the long-time members of our community who have stuck with us through thick and thin, everyone at Red 5 Studios wishes to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you for your continued support. Open Beta doesn’t mark the end of our journey, but it does signify the start of a new and exciting chapter for Firefall. Closed Beta may be coming to a close, but trust us – this is only the beginning.