With the Thanksgiving weekend officially over, it's easy to dread the coming of Monday. Rather than slipping into minor depression, we're here to curb the pangs of a bygone weekend and hit you with some good old fashioned Firefall happiness. Join us in celebrating this week's community rock stars in our second edition of Community Spotlight.

Shoogli's Spoof Art Collection

Fan art comes in all shapes and sizes but we always appreciate submissions with an added dose of humor. Let's face it, a little laughter can transform something average, into something extraordinary and memorable. When it comes to tickling our funny bones, Shoogli's spoof art always seems to do the trick. With silly depictions of our Firefall Livers: FadedPez, ThaCheez, and Phobos, you'll see our community team in a whole new light – a very bizarre, slightly disturbing light. It's almost impossible not to laugh, definitely check this one out.

Spitfire Dueling

All ARES Operators know that a battleframe's jet pack can be a crucial tool for survival. A perfectly timed vertical leap can easily mean the difference between life and death in Firefall. LoR_NiKoN and Driller have taken the concept of airborne combat, and pumped it full of awesome sauce. What happens when two Assault battleframes ascend far above New Eden, only relying upon Jump Jets and Afterburner to stay afloat? A battle of epic proportions called Spitfire Dueling, take a look.

That marks the conclusion of this week's Community Spotlight. We will continue to scour all of our Firefall channels to find the best community projects each week, so check back every Monday for more user content from ARES Operators across the globe.