Last time on Behind the Beans, we asked you what you thought about the crafting system and what we could do to improve it. You went above and beyond on providing feedback and the team is still hard at work on those changes. We then followed that up with questions regarding the battleframes and abilities that you currently have access to. Thousands of you responded with pages of feedback. This week, the team discusses your feedback and what they are doing to make changes.

In the patch coming out this week, you should expect to see a handful of the changes discussed along with many other features the team has been working on. In order to help focus the next couple of weeks, we ask that you spend some time playing the ARES missions around the world and providing feedback on how to make those more engaging and more rewarding.

You should expect to see a survey coming out within the next couple of days, but please also feel free to post feedback on the forums or send us e-mail with your thoughts. Thanks again for helping make Firefall the best game that it can be.