Greetings, testers!

By now, you've all heard the mantra, probably multiple times: “Firefall is a true Beta,” “we make Firefall better by listening to the fanbase.” This new methodology for making a game is only possible because of you all – the testing you do and the feedback you provide is invaluable to the process. We simply couldn't improve the game in the way that we want without all of you in our fantastic community.

Throughout any iterative process, there are going to be times that old systems are tossed out to be replaced by the shiny and the new, but one thing we at Red 5 never want to do is to diminish the value of your time and energy, because we know it's being spent to make the game better (and hopefully have some fun along the way). When it's possible, we'll do a direct translation from the old system to a new system (like keeping your XP from the old progression system to the new), but sometimes (like with the recent change to resources) that type of translation simply isn't possible. When that's the case, we want to do something that shows that we really do value your time.

Thus... Beta Crystite.

So let’s answer a few of the more common questions you guys have asked about Beta Crystite.

What can I buy with Beta Crystite?

Glad you asked. Beta Crystite is going to be used to unlock a number of exclusive rewards. Things like:

1 hour +50% resource collection boosts
Exclusive warpaints
PERMANENT 5% resource collection boost
PERMANENT 10% resource collection boost (significantly more expensive and does not stack)
T.E.X. Pet
The “Angel Wing” glider pad, with new glider wing visuals.
An exclusive LGV (yes, that's right!)
More stuff (we have other ideas that we want to add, but we'd rather over than under deliver)

The Beta Crystite LGV is just the first LGV that we want to deliver as a reward for player effort – the plans to build a craftable LGV continue, but we also thought it'd been too long that players had to buy a commander pack to have their own LGV. This LGV will have an exclusive warpaint that won't be seen again.

To hold you over, here are some screenshots to give you a taste of these rewards:

Your new pal, T.E.X..

Combat Wings
The “Angel Wings” glider wings in action.

Cobra Cycle
This Cobra Cycle has not been given its new paint job.

How do I get the rewards/Beta Crystite?

There will be a vendor that sells the Beta Crystite items (we'll announce who and where when we release the patch notes). We're hoping to get this vendor into the game ASAP, so it may not have all of the rewards when it first gets added to the Beta. We'd rather get the rewards rolling out than wait for the complete list to be ready to go.

Collecting Beta Crystite is a matter of processing your old resources at the manufacturing station. However, we also realize that someone might end up short for one the item they really want, so we'll also be adding a recipe that allows you convert current crystite into Beta Crystite.

Is there a time limit?

The vendor will sell the items until the beginning of Open Beta, so you'll have until then to buy any or all of these items.

I hope this blog answers the more pressing questions that you guys have had. Of course if there’s something that we missed, you can always drop by our forums and ask us – we check them almost daily, and answer what we can. Thanks for reading, and see you in-game!