Update 1.7: Devil's Due is now out! Our latest update features the return of Devil's Tusk with an all new zone-wide event and the return of Baneclaw with some awesome new items! A familiar PvP game mode, Team Deathmatch, can be played on a brand new map: Refinery. Last but not least, the latest mission in the storyline: Homecoming is now available at normal, challenge, and hardcore modes!

World Event

Tensions have escalated in Devil’s Tusk. The Accord has deployed scientists and soldiers around the zone looking for information from this area which housed a pre-Melding weapons research facility. The Chosen and Ophanim are harassing Accord personnel and it’s the ARES Initiative’s job to defend the scientists. This world event works in three phases

Pilots will find Accord personnel either captured by Chosen or Ophanim (depending whose territory they are found within), or at outposts that need to be defended. These events are scattered throughout the zone. Once a certain amount of events are complete, the second phase will begin.

Dt Zone P3c Dt Zone P3b Dt Zone P3a

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The U.A.S. Vanguard moves in closer to the Chosen Prison and the Chosen launch an all-out attack on the Accord. There are three sites along the coast of Devil’s Tusk that house Anti-Aircraft guns which ARES Pilots will need to use to take down the Chosen ships attacking the Vanguard. At the same time, a small team of ARES Pilots will need to use dropship transports to infiltrate the Chosen Prison and evacuate the Accord personnel held prisoner there before the Chosen take out the Vanguard.

Team Deathmatch: Refinery


Team Deathmatch is now available in a newly created map for the mode, Refinery. Two teams of five are pit against each other. The first team to the score limit or the team with the most kills after time expires is declared the winner.

We've also added more items to the PvP store and greatly reduced the costs!


A familiar threat, Baneclaw, has returned and has been tuned for platoons of 10 players. Baneclaw is meant to be a level 45 instanced boss fight.

As posted last week, Baneclaw will also drop all-new weapons!

– Assault Prototype Sticky Launcher

  • Fires a projectile which sticks to surfaces and soft targets. After a short duration, the projectile explodes, dealing Melding damage in an area of effect.

Lazii~Apr 21 2016~Devil's Tusk~2~P3


Plague Doctor
– Biotech Prototype Needler

  • Fires projectiles which poison targets on hit, dealing Melding damage over time. If the target dies while poisoned, they will drop a health pack.

Lazii~Apr 21 2016~Devil's Tusk~2~P5

(Plague Doctor)

Omega Perseid
– Dreadnaught Prototype AutoBlaster

  • Fires multiple projectiles in a wide spread. This weapon deals high damage at close range.

Lazii~Apr 21 2016~Devil's Tusk~2~P6

(Omega Perseid)

– Recon Prototype Lancer

  • Fires a bolt which penetrates targets and bounces off surfaces.

Lazii~Apr 21 2016~Devil's Tusk~2~P7


Distant Memory
– Engineer Prototype Remote Mine Layer

  • Fires projectiles that stick to surfaces. The alternate fire detonates the mines, dealing Melding damage in an area of effect, or repairing friendly deployables.

Lazii~Apr 21 2016~Devil's Tusk~2~P4

(Distant Memory)

Abyssal Reach Grenade
- Auxiliary Weapon

  • Throw a grenade that triggers on impact, releasing a mist of Melding energy that drags enemies towards itself. After a short duration, the grenade explodes, dealing Melding damage and knocking enemies back.


Serkan has driven us out of Blackwater during the Razor’s Edge mission and is continuing his plans to assault the Accord and steal their arcporting technology. Mason, Kara, Fuller, and 35 pursue Serkan in an opportunity to take down the Razorwind leader.


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