Lunar New Year has arrived and this time Nian, a melded beast, has come to terrorize Coral Forest and Sertao. The Lunar New Year event will be active on February 5th at 4 PM PST (click for local time) and will run until February 15th 4 PM PST (click for local time).

Nian will spawn approximately once per hour in four locations at the same time. Nian will be found nearby Northern Shores and Trans Hub in Coral forest, as well as near Dredge and Andreev in Sertao. Players participating in a Nian kill will receive the Nian Slaying Chassis (level depending on the area in which you killed Nian), as well as other normal encounter rewards.


New Seasonal Red Bean Items

During the Lunar New Year event, the previous years’ seasonal items will be available for purchase along with all-new items.

All-new Brinewyrm pet


Given that it’s the year of the monkey, this awesome monkey pet has been added!


Nian Junior Pet

Nian Jr

Lunar Lord Warpaint

Lunar Lord

Nian's Foe Warpaint

 Nians Foe

Happy Lunar New Year, ARES Pilots!