Today on Firefall Live, Brandon was joined on set by three Designers from our Live Team: Stephen "GhostJaguar" Chin, Jake "Fitzwickham" Miller, and Barret "Spazzo" Hudson. They talked about the work they've done on some of our previous Live Events, as well as a little bit about some of their work on events that you haven't seen yet. The gang answered some questions from the forums before rounding out the show with the ever popular Do You Even Art Bro and Caption This segments.

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  • Update 1.2 is now live! With it came Operation: Miru, Accord Skydock, Melded Outbreaks, LGV Races, Broken Peninsula improvements, and more! If you haven't already, make sure to check out the Update Notes for all of the details.
  • With Update 1.2 going out we also had a few issues pop up. We've already deployed a server-side hotfix to address several issues including Hardcore Kanaloa not behaving correctly, ARES Jobs giving incorrect rewards, and Bandit Ambush encounters spawning during the LGV Racing event. The main fix we're still working on is reverting the change to loot collection at lower levels, which will go out in an upcoming hotfix. Because of the issue with Bandit Ambush encounters still spawning, as well as another minor issue we discovered, we're going to be sending out 6 extra Race Tokens to everyone later today (in addition to the extra 3 we already sent out on Monday). We'll make sure to give you more details as we get them.
  • Our Rhino Battleframe Weekend begins today at 4pm PST! This will give all players a free trial of the Rhino, as well as an XP boost while using it and a discount off the Red Bean price. Check out the blog here for more information.
  • We had our third Guest Blog go up this week. This blog was by LoR_NiKoN and about our built in replay system. Check out the blog here for some great tips!
  • Monday we posted about a change to some of our basic New You cosmetics. We've made all heads, facial hair, and hair cosmetic items available to all players for free. We also refunded any player who bought an affected item within the past three months. Check out the blog here for the details.
  • Finally, we announced a new contest that gives you a chance to win a Digital Deluxe pack, some great ROCCAT gaming gear, and even a chance to play through Operation: Miru with some developers! Check out that blog here for information on how to enter.

Developer Q&A

Fabricio21RJ: Are you planning on adding mutations to existing events? For instance, Crossfire could have a crate in the middle that the Tanken/Bandits/Ophanim/whatever are contesting.

  • It's certainly possible, we're not sure of any current plans to do that for previous events, but it's also something we can think about going forward with future Live Events as we get more lead time and our technology and toolset matures. We're also continuing to grow the team and add Designers, which will give us the luxury of more time to go back and revisit those older events and find ways to tweak it and make it interesting again so it's not just the same thing. It's definitely something we want to do, but right now we have winter and spring events coming up, so we're trying to get ahead of the ball on some of the new stuff, and then we can go back and try to polish up or change up some of that old stuff. We have talked about Hazardous Research coming back in some form, though right now that's fallen behind some of the new stuff we have coming up in terms of priorities, but it's definitely something we still want to do. Part of bringing that back will be taking another pass on it and making sure we do add stuff to make sure the players feel like it's something new, and not just something that we dust off and bring back out.

SomeUnregPunk: The LGV Super Challenge. Any chance you can create races for squads or platoons?

  • The underlying tech does allow it, but it goes back to what we said about needing time to polish it up and get the dust off to implement some new features and functionality while at the same time working on new events and keeping the ball rolling there. The possibility is there. When we will have time to do something like that, it will heavily depend. In general, with any of the Live Events, if there's anything in particular that you love and want to see more or haven't seen and would like to see, definitely let us know on the Forums. That's feedback that's great for us to hear and we like to use that to know that we should do more things like that, or what changes we should make going forward. That's something we've been talking about with the LGV Race already, is finding a way for once the event ends, having a way for players who really enjoyed that can still have a way to have those races. Being on the Live Team, we work outside of the normal development schedule and put out new content on a more regular basis. This gives us a lot more flexibility to respond to feedback. We get to make cool stuff for our players and then talk to them in real time about what they liked and didn't like. Please continue to give us feedback on everything so we can keep looking at it and using it to build future events.

Noktra: Are there any plans for the failing or succeeding of large scale events like OCT and the new Skydock event to have consequences in the world?

  • That is kind of not a Live Team question, so it's hard for us to answer for sure. We know there have been conversations about what we can do to allow that kind of mutability with those kinds of events. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to check out the Update Roundup video that we did that's linked in the 1.2 Update Notes, which was a great video discussion that Fadedpez led with some of the key designers that worked on 1.2 content. That is something that they brought up as being a possibility. It is something that has been experimented with internally, so in term of the tech side of things, it is something that we have the capability to do, kind of modifying the game world based on player behaviors. So there's been rumblings, but it's something that has to be done in the right way at the right time, and so it's finding what is the proper way to approach something like that since it's literally going to change the world. So it might be a bit slow coming, but we know it's something people would like to see in the game.

Arcwind: In future events will the rewards continue to require daily participation? For example, I can't always play every day.

  • That's something we've heard a lot of feedback on. Something we're trying to balance out is encouraging people to come back and play, but not making it so that if you started in the middle of the event, there's no way you can get all the cool rewards. So we're working on ways to accommodate that while still rewarding the people who were playing devotedly through the whole event. How that will take place, we're still working on details. We've tried a few different things such as catch-up mechanics or varying the ways that you can participate each day, just to give you different ways to participate in the content without spoiling it for yourself or just grinding it out in one day. We kind of did some experimentation on this with the LGV Event because you get your tokens every day at 4, so if you don't log in for a few days you can still come back later and have all your tokens. Plus you can buy in with Credits to play more races. It's definitely something that we've talked about a lot in planning future Live Events. We don't want players to ever feel locked out, so if you're gone for the first week of the Live Event, we want you to still have a way to maybe, if you want to, instead of playing for 30 minutes 10 days in a row, play for 6 hours straight in one day grinding out Live Event stuff. We still want you to be able to get the cool rewards, but we're still working on the best way to do it.

Mered4: Can I haz more Chosen EVERYWHERE?

  • 1.2 did a pretty cool job of introducing more Chosen to the world, but there is definitely a Chosen War going on, and we've hinted on the forums that you can expect to hear more hopefully in January about what's going on with that. We walk around the office pretty often, and we see a lot of Chosen stuff on the screens. We've definitely heard the call from the players for more Chosen, and are working towards that goal, but we don't have specifics to share just yet.

Petrablaze: If you could make your dream Live/Encounter/Dynamic event, what would it be? Why? (Pie in the sky discussion, no promises).

  • Stephen: I would love to bring back the Herp-a-Derby in some fashion. That's just such a fun and cool idea that the community found. When we tweaked the LGVs to be more travel friendly, we kind of took away the ability to do the Herp-a-Derby, so I'd love to find a way to bring that back. Some sort of deployable arena that gives you junky LGVs that you can crash into each other and blow them up.
  • Jake: I always liked the lesser known holidays, so like, I know there's a "Secretary Day" and a "Boss Day." I'd love to do a Boss Day event and bring out all the old bosses and bring them all into the Open World and have them wreak havoc. I think the big huge boss events are the ones that the players really love because they're so special, and finding a way to bring them into the Open World would be really awesome.
  • Barret: Actually one of the things that I liked about Firefall, and one of the reasons I joined the team, is one of the things that I remember from when I first started playing MMOs back in the dark ages of Ultima Online is sort of Dev or GM interaction. In that game GMs would basically give themselves a super character and hop in game and start spawning orcs and creating chaos. That's something that we already do some of with the Chosen Offensive events, and my "pie in the sky" would be to take the Chosen Offensive and add in that sort of "world changing" aspect to it, where as the Devs, if we stomp you guys too hard we're just going to close down the towns, and you're going to have to fight us to get them back. I really like it when games show you the results of your actions.
  • Brandon: Mine is to have some kind of zero-G combat thing, either in space, or in some sort of arena where you just have to use your jump jets and fly around. I think that would be super fun. Preferably up in space, or maybe on the Moon. I know I've heard a few players mention having a Moon Zone.

Do You Even Art Bro?

"Versus" by Mooselodge (WINNER!)
Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

"Peznado" by Ravisher
Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

"Where No-One Glides" by SqueekinOrka

Honorable Mention: "Revolution" by HeineSnow (HeineSnow is already a winner, but we wanted to show off another great art piece from him)
Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

Caption This!

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

What? Wait, where is the ammo call down?!

'Crazy like a fox!' was the last words he said.... Until lunch time.

I see that there's only one way to get this meeting to stop...


I forgot to erase my browser history, this is my only option now.

As punishment for not wearing my Firefall shirt, I accept my fate.

A day without Firefall....


That's it for this week! We won't be having a Firefall Live next Friday as we'll all be out of the office for the American holiday of Thanksgiving, but we'll return the following Friday, December 5th at our regular time. Until then, see you in game!

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