On Saturday, May 16th (click here for event time) community member Sekcbaba is hosting an event where players will go to Broken Peninsula, get Resource Haulers and smash into each other until one is left standing. We're sponsoring some prizes so be sure to sign up to participate in this event for some fun and a shot at some in-game Firefall goodies!

Derp Derby4

How It Works

Each entrant must be on a custom team by themselves to provide for the most spectacular physics action possible. Vehicles will be provided by Sekcbaba holding all bases and handing them off to assistants to be brought to designated bumper car show down area (probably beach). No shooting allowed, all pain must be inflicted via vehicle on vehicle ramming only. Note vehicles do die very quickly if pushed into water, which is totally cool and acceptable way to destroy other vehicles. Also please note extremely weird physics may occur, such as literally being launched out of the top of the world. Open to all levels and frames as player level does not affect vehicle stats in anyway.


First place: Choice of Snowsquall or Racer MGV

Second and Third place: 30 Day VIP

Good luck to all and buckle up!

Discuss and sign up on the forums.

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