In today’s PTS Spotlight, we’re giving you a brief look at our upcoming Reputation system. This system will replace the town-specific vouchers you receive for completing ARES Jobs, significantly decreasing the size of your currencies tab.

“Reputation” as it exists in Firefall today is fairly straight-forward. You do ARES Jobs, you receive vouchers specific to the town you got the job from, and you use those vouchers to buy items from an ARES Supplier in that town. This system, while effective, results in an extreme number of different currencies; a problem that would only get worse as the game expands. Our intentions, as stated in the past, are to replace vouchers with a cleaner and more robust system. We’re excited to say that the first pieces of a new Reputation System are live right now on our Public Test Server.

The new Reputation system is very similar to the old voucher system in many ways. You still gain Reputation for doing ARES Jobs and that Reputation lets you buy more or less the same items from the same ARES Suppliers. The key difference is that instead of receiving Reputation in the form of a currency that you spend, you receive Reputation points, which function more like experience. Each town with a Job Board is represented by a faction. When you complete an ARES Job, you’ll receive Reputation points towards that town’s faction. The more Reputation points you have with a particular faction, the more that faction likes you.

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Note: Work in progress. Vendor items and prices are not final.

Though the items available at the existing ARES Suppliers are essentially the same, the method for purchasing those items is slightly different. Instead of having a currency for each vendor, all of the vendors will use the same basic currencies: good old fashioned Crystite or Credits. Your Reputation with a faction will determine what items you’re able to buy from that faction’s vendors.

For example: when you first arrive at the Copacabana docks as a new player, your reputation with the faction of Copacabana is “neutral.” The members of that town don’t know you well enough to trust you. As such, if you go to the Copa ARES Supplier, they’ll only be willing to sell you the most basic of supplies. By completing jobs from the Copa Job Board, you’ll gain Copacabana Reputation points, increasing your standing with the town. Once you’ve gained enough points, you’ll have earned a little bit of trust and be regarded as an “acquaintance.” At that point, the Copa ARES Supplier will be willing to sell you better gear. As you keep on gaining Reputation, you’ll become “friendly” and able to buy even more items, before finally you reach “trusted” status, and they’ll let you buy any item they’ve got to offer. Some faction vendors will also give you discounts based on how high your Reputation is.

The new Reputation System significantly cuts down on the number of different currencies to keep track of. In addition, the points-based Reputation system is much more convenient when leveling multiple battleframes. If you make it all the way to “trusted” with a faction on your first play through, you’ll still be trusted when you come through with a new frame. This means you have immediate access to all of that vendor’s wares without having to earn another stash of vouchers.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

For some factions, Reputation can be gained (or lost) through any normal gameplay. For example, killing Chosen or Bandits will automatically gain you Reputation with the Accord. Factions can also have positive or negative relationships with one another: the Accord and the Chosen are opposing factions, which means that any time you gain Reputation with the Accord, you lose Reputation with the Chosen. Alternatively, Copacabana and the Accord are allied factions, meaning whenever you gain Reputation with Copacabana, you’ll gain Reputation with the Accord as well (though not at a 1:1 rate).

The Future of Reputation

The version of Firefall currently on PTS contains the foundation of the new Reputation system, but the really exciting aspects of this system are the things it allows us to do going forward. For example, there is a lot of mention in game of the world’s various Corporations (Omnidyne, Astrek, Kisuton, etc), but currently those Corporations aren’t much more than flavor, and don’t add any sort of gameplay choices. With this new Reputation system, each Corporation can (and will) become its own faction, complete with its own activities, vendors, and rewards. However, these Corporations are also competitors, and anything you do to gain Reputation with one could lower your Reputation with the others. This can create a dynamic where players have to choose which Corporation to align with in order to access the items or services it provides. This is only one example of the added depth that this system will bring; we’ve got a lot of plans for fun things to do with Reputation going forward.


As mentioned, the changes described in the first part of this blog are live right now on our Public Test Server, though please keep in mind that anything on PTS is still a work in progress and there may be a few pieces yet to be put into place. If you’re looking for information on how to access the PTS, check out this thread on the forums for more details. We look forward to hearing what you think of the updates!

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Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

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