The war between the Chosen and the Accord continues on into Devil’s Tusk, leaving Sertao to the Astrek and Omnidyne-M corporations and various bandit factions. The Accord still has two military installations: one is Tecumseh Airbase, which supplies the military efforts in Devil’s Tusk. The other is Forward Operating Base Sagan, which is largely used as support for Orbital Comm Tower, to help defend it from Chosen attacks. The ARES Initiative is entrusted and utilized by the Accord to police Sertao and protect key points of interest. Each ARES Pilot will have the opportunity to become further immersed in the world of Firefall as they progress through the main narrative thread along with the story being told through the open world.

J Sertao Sagan

Open World Content

When it comes to the open world content, Sertao’s content will at the core match the basic philosophies put in place for Coral Forest. One approach that’s being taken is to create encounters that are better structured and controlled so that the encounters suit the space in which they are used. When it comes to area jobs, objectives are being used that make sense for the space they are in as opposed to potentially running into issues where objectives do not really fit a particular play space. In addition, Jobs have been refactored so that the flow in completing Jobs feels a lot more natural.

Open world missions and events are also being refreshed in an effort to unify design, narrative, and the world to further immerse the player in Firefall. Jobs that the player receives are intended to provide a layer of narrative content that is widely available, on demand, along with adding gameplay types that are more inclusive. A good example of tying it all together in the upcoming Sertao refresh is reusing a certain space in a Job chain where the player explores a vigilante lair.

J Sertao Lair

Open World Look and Feel

Another adjustment that Sertao will see will be to the world itself. The Level Designers have taken a look at combat spaces in Sertao and have made updates to better fit Firefall combat. World Builders have been working in sync with both Level Designers and Narrative Designers to further improve the player’s experience in the zone.

Some of the refreshed points of interest include Tecumseh Airbase, F.O.B. Sagan, Dredge, Lab 16 and The Nest. Each of these areas play key roles in the story and world of Firefall. For example, The Nest will have a big visual upgrade. Now a headquarters for the Chimera, a bandit faction that develops and smuggles SIN hacks, calls The Nest their home and this point of interest has been changed to reflect that piece of the story.

Nest 2

Another example of an upgraded point of interest is Lab 16. Lab 16 is a joint Accord and Omnidyne-M facility that focuses on weapon development as well as Arcfolding research. Since this location is the primary location of Omnidyne-M in New Eden, it’s been upgraded to look as though it is a headquarters for this major corporation. The facility now rivals Astrek’s Andreev Station as it should, with Omnidyne-M being one of the strongest corporations in Firefall.

J Sertao Lab16

Tecumseh Airbase is critical to the Accord in their war against the Chosen. As such, this area will look much more like an airfield that has the capacity for large military aircraft.

J Sertao Tecumseh

This is just a brief, high level overview of the refresh Sertao will see in an upcoming update. The team is hard at work at fully realizing all this and more for this zone. Keep an eye on our official Twitter and Facebook pages for more screenshots of Sertao in progress in the coming weeks!


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