Coral Forest

Home to Copacabana—a world-class resort offering hot crystite shard massages and invigorating sea-kelp masks, it has been a place synonymous with pleasure and tranquility.

Coral Forest’s fate took a turn for the worst six months ago during the tragic crash of the Arclight—a catastrophe that has devastated the region. An idyllic land that went mostly unscathed by the calamities of the past fifty years, it now faces a period of great tumult.

War is beating on its doorstep.

Still reeling from the Nine Year Winter, Coral Forest is home to many of humanity’s greatest terraforming projects, where we sculpt the terrain to our will and strive to raise the surface temperature another 3 degrees Celsius, back to previous mean levels. It is home to the Hydro-Core, where dark algae is cultivated in a half-kilometer wide agar plate and pumped into the Atlantic in an effort to retain more of the heat of sunlight. It is home to the Moisture Farm, where the realm’s largest ionosphere agitator creates up-currents in the sky above, disrupting and bending the jet stream to influence regional weather patterns. And it’s home to a hive of brine harvesters that comb the beach looking for salt pools to process, breaking the deposits down into bromine and chlorine in an effort to intentionally damage the ozone layer and allow more UV to reach the surface. Mankind will rebound. We can reheat. We will heal the Earth.

Coral Forest is also home to the Trans-Hub Command, where the Accord have requisitioned a commercial transit hub and turned it overnight into a sprawling, bustling base of operations. It’s home to the Nautical Biosphere Research Facility, where scientists strive to understand the recent influx of new species and experiment with cutting-edge Melding repulsor technology. And it’s the home of the Alpha Prime Botanical Gardens, a showcase of flora xeno-species from mankind’s first journey to the stars and the poster child of system quarantine control.

And of late, another descriptor can be tied to the region: Coral Forest, home of incessant raids by the Chosen and the permanent presence of Accord. The numbers on both sides are escalating. A once bucolic landscape is now being torn asunder by violence. An unspoken feeling hangs heavy in the air….it is the eve of something both terrible and great.