Ico Arsenal

Omnidyne-M Arsenal

With Weapons Blazing

Dre Arsenel

The Omnidyne-M Arsenal could be best described as a toy box... of doom! The Arsenal has a tool for every job, a solution to every problem. The Arsenal’s ability suite focuses on weapon swaps, replacing the primary weapon with a temporary gun to serve a unique purpose. This armory on jump jets is for the discerning Battleframe pilot that understands that you can never have too many choices when it comes to crushing your foes.

Omnidyne-M Arsenal Abilities

Exclusive Perk - Munitions - When your job is laying down constant fire, you can't afford to need to scrounge for ammunition.  To prevent this from happening, the activation of any of the Arsenal's abilities provides it with additional ammo.

Combat Shotgun - Close encounters with the enemy are bound to happen, no matter what Battleframe you pilot. When designing the Arsenal loadout, Omnidyne-M considered this early on. What should one keep around in case of close encounters? Well, a quick-switch automatic combat shotgun obviously! And what better way to compliment a devastating boomstick than a generous speed boost to help you get even closer!

Particle Beam - Being outnumbered generally puts a pilot at a disadvantage. The Arsenal, however, relishes any reason to swap to their high tech Particle Beam! With a flash its beam of energy strikes with resounding success, blasting and dispersing enemies in a large radius. When you absolutely must kill an entire nest of Aranhas, accept no substitutes.

Rocket Jump - Jump jets, while incredibly useful on any Battleframe, can never hurt from a little extra oomph! Enter Rocket Jump, the most effective way to go straight up in the blink of an eye while delivering a painful jolt to enemies at the launch site. The ability also gives your jump jets a few extra moments of refined calibration, allowing for some tight turns while airborne. Do be careful and watch your head when indoors!

Shoulder Rockets (HKM) - The Arsenal has a weapon for every scenario, but here at Omnidyne-M we felt that just wasn't enough. Sometimes a pilot needs to leave that special exclamation at the end of the statement "I win!" In fact, we decided you should leave approximately 12 exclamation points at the end of that statement in the form of a barrage of Shoulder Rockets that smartly follow your targeting reticle. The enemy will get the message, as will the person cleaning them up later.

Omnidyne-M Arsenal Weaponry

Arsenal Weapon

The Primary go-to armament on any Arsenal is the LMG; a reliable and effective dispenser of bullets that should persuade most to seek refuge. When not hurling steel at a high rate with surprising accuracy this beast can change its ammo on-the-fly to pierce through enemies and some shielding, however, at a somewhat slower rate. There is nothing subtle about the LMG. It shoots straight, fast, and turns the hardest of targets to withered Swiss cheese.