Hello, Firefall fans, we’ve prepared another status update for you all. This update will cover the status of some bug fixes for 1.6 as well as a preview of content coming to PTS as we prepare for 1.7 testing.

1.6 Bug Fixes

We’re working on a patch that we can deploy to the production servers to fix some of the outstanding issues covered in the previous update. There’s still some fixes we are working to get verified and pushed into the patch. Currently it’s looking like we might be able to push this live either late this week or sometime next week. Some of the issues we are looking to fix are:
  • Mourningstar not spawning/respawning.
  • Quick Bounties that track kills are not completing when reaching the required amount of eliminations.
  • Quick Bounties that do not track driving distance.
  • Encounter crashes.
  • Players are unable to access the Head Gear portion of the New You interface.
There are more fixes that will be ready and a full list will be available shortly before this patch is ready for release.There are still going to be some outstanding issues we are working on fixing, such as Elite Ranks being rolled back for some players occasionally, and we will continue to work on those bugs and release fixes when they are ready.

Devil’s Tusk Coming to PTS

While we are working on fixing bugs that are on production, the 1.7 update will be pushed to PTS. There are still many issues with the build, though we are ready to get some public testing in on the build in order to get some additional eyes on the build. We’ll continue to work on stabilizing 1.7 on PTS, though fixing hot issues for 1.6 will still take priority. In short, we understand that there is a concern that we will stop pushing out fixes for production until 1.7 is deployed to production, though our aim is to continue to get 1.6 fixes deployed as necessary and feasible, without waiting for the new update. The current goal is to have Devil’s Tusk on PTS this week.

PTS will be updated to include Devil’s Tusk which will include a content refresh to match the content model implemented in Coral Forest in Sertao and also the level cap will increase to 45. All hardcore instances as well as Defense of Dredge and Jericho will be raised to match the new level cap. There will be some new features for players to test out as well.

Devil’s Tusk World Event

Tensions have escalated in Devil’s Tusk. The Accord has deployed scientists and soldiers around the zone looking for information from this area which housed a pre-Melding weapons research facility. The Chosen and Ophanim are harassing Accord personnel and it’s the ARES Initiative’s job to defend the scientists. This world event works in three phases 

During the first phase, pilots will find Accord personnel either captured by Chosen or Ophanim (depending whose territory they are found within), or at outposts that need to be defended. These events are scattered throughout the zone. Once a certain amount of events are complete, the second phase will begin. 

Dt Zone P1a

While in the second phase, the Accord will send dropships into the zone in several different specific locations to evacuate the scientists. ARES pilots should defend these sites and evacuate as many scientists as they possibly can before the third phase begins. 

The U.A.S. Vanguard moves in closer to the Chosen Prison and the Chosen launch an all-out attack on the Accord. There are three sites along the coast of Devil’s Tusk that house Anti-Aircraft guns which ARES Pilots will need to use to take down the Chosen ships attacking the Vanguard. At the same time, a small team of ARES Pilots will need to use dropship transports to infiltrate the Chosen Prison and evacuate the Accord personnel held prisoner there before the Chosen take out the Vanguard.  

Dt Zone P3c Dt Zone P3bDt Zone P3a

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A familiar threat, Baneclaw, has returned and has been tuned for platoons of 10 players. Baneclaw is meant to be a level 45 instanced boss fight.


New Campaign Mission: Homecoming

Serkan has driven us out of Blackwater during the Razor’s Edge mission and is continuing his plans to assault the Accord and steal their arcporting technology. Mason, Kara, Fuller, and 35 pursue Serkan in an opportunity to take down the Razorwind leader.


New PVP Game Mode and Map 

Team Deathmatch is now available in a newly created map for the mode, Refinery. Two teams of five are pit against each other. The first team to the score limit or the team with the most kills after time expires is declared the winner. Jetball will be disabled on PTS initially to test Team Deathmatch functionality. 


We hope you enjoyed this preview of what's to come on PTS as well as a brief look at our next patch.