Hey everyone! We're really excited to announce our live streaming event that will take us through the Firefall Early Access period up until July 29th, when Firefall is officially launched. We've reached out to some of our long-time community streamers to come and stream Firefall as part of this event. From July 16th through July 28th we will have multiple streams per day, all with some sweet Firefall giveaways, including the brand new Digital Starter and Digital Deluxe Launch Packs!

We're going to kick it all off from our own streaming channel on with FadedPez and Mikachu on Wednesday, July 16th at 11:00 AM PDT. You'll be able to see who is streaming each day and when in this forum thread.

Streamer Lineup

Here's a list of our streamer lineup that you can see throughout this fun event. Be sure to subscribe to these channels so you get notified the moment they go live!

Red 5 Community Team -

As we mentioned above, the streaming event is going to kick off with FadedPez and Mikachu at 11:00 AM PDT on July 16th. Mikachu will also be streaming just about once per day on weekdays.

R5S Turbain -

Turbain is a Senior Animator here at Red 5 Studios and you may remember his Battleframes to Beanz live streams. He's really excited about getting back into streaming Firefall.

8-Bit Tavern -

The originators of Scan Hammer PvP and Friday Night Firefall, Antilles and Cuculainn have been a part of the Firefall community for quite some time. The shenanigans will flow when this crew goes live, they are always a fun stream.

Community of Chaos - (

The Community of Chaos lineup has no strangers to Firefall. Originally started as the Cass and Ash show, they have grown into a network of a community of streamers, under one banner. You can be sure to expect some fun streams from Cass, Nozama, TheBoot, CrazySavaunt, [AOD]Silencer77, Highsight and Sihxr.

Co-Op Comrades -

LoR_NiKoN of Co-Op Comrades has been creating YouTube content and streaming Firefall for a long while as well. He's usually joined by other long-time community members, like Sleepwalker, and they always have a great time.

Squid Boss -

Squid Boss started doing some live streaming with other community members to go deep into Firefall discussions with his sessions called Firetalks.

ITPaladin -

ITPaladin has been streaming Firefall fairly regularly for months! We're really happy he was able to join us on this event's lineup.


Thank you to our community streamers that will be joining us in this momentous celebration heading towards Firefall's Launch. We're really excited to have you as part of this event and help us in giving back to the community as well with these awesome giveaways.

Don't forget we will also be running Firefall Live with Frank, Brandon and Sara at our normal times on Fridays at 10:00 AM PDT where we'll also have some more giveaways during that show as well. See you all in-game or in-stream!

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