Creating human towers has long been a popular past time of ARES Pilots. Community member Sekcbaba would like to see who is the fastest at assembling a human tower. On May 9th, 2 PM PDT (click here for your time), gather your friends and see if you can coordinate to build the fastest tower and you can win some prizes! Sign ups can be found here.

The Rules

The rules are quite simple. You can show up with a group or alone and you'll be put into a platoon by the event organizer, Sekcbaba. When he says go, each platoon will be timed to see which platoon can assemble into a tower faster.

The Prizes

The platoon that is deemed the fastest will receive 40 Red Beans and 7 Days of VIP for each member of the platoon.

This should be a real fun event and a good way to practice your post-event festivities! Be sure to check out the forums for more details and signups!

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