Beta FAQ

Firefall Open Beta FAQ

Q: When will Firefall’s Open Beta begin?
A. Firefall’s Open Beta begins on July 9, 2013.

Q: Is Firefall ready for Open Beta?
A. Closed Beta testing is nearing completion now that Firefall’s core systems and server technology are established. Open Beta will allow Red 5 to expand Firefall’s servers and test upcoming content with a larger audience for broader feedback and heavier load on our infrastructure

Q: Why is Open Beta launching in July?
A. Red 5 plans to roll out a final series of Closed Beta updates between April and July to prepare Firefall for Open Beta testing. Examples include polish to crafting and progression, an upgraded activities director and additional open world content.

Q: Will Firefall change significantly during Open Beta?
A. Absolutely! Red 5 will still be developing Firefall during Open Beta. However, development will focus on adding new features and content – such as the episodic story campaign, more dynamic missions, world events, and open world PvP. Red 5 strongly believes in the beta process and will utilize Open Beta to continue gathering player feedback on the game’s direction.

Q: Is Firefall’s in-game shop already live?
A. Yes, just like every other feature in Firefall, Red 5 is testing monetization. Gathering feedback on items and pricing while in beta allows Red 5 to fine-tune Firefall’s free-to-play experience for launch. However, Red 5 is committed to never charging for power or putting a “velvet rope” around content – Firefall will never be pay-to-win or pay-to-play.

Q: When will Firefall launch?
A. Red 5 will decide Firefall’s launch date based on future testing. Red 5 plans to add a significant amount of content during Open Beta and will continue using community feedback to measure progress. Firefall won’t launch until the core PvE and PvP experiences are feature-complete, meeting Red 5’s high standard of quality and fun.

Q: How do I register for Open Beta?
A. Players can register for Open Beta at This will currently register for Closed Beta access as well (invite-only).