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This weekend we're spotlighting Astrek's Assault variant: the Firecat. Like the other weekends, the Firecat will be free for all this weekend and enjoy a 50% XP bonus. You can also purchase the Firecat for 75 Red Beans (regular price: 100 Red Beans)! If you're a pyromaniac, this weekend's for you. Set your enemies ablaze with the Firecat!

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Have you been waiting for a special on your favorite frame? Well you're in luck, because no matter which frame you're working on, this weekend will be right up your alley.

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For the past couple of months, Omnidyne-M has been hogging the battleframe spotlight and Astrek Association wants a piece of the action. Astrek decided to show off the Electron, an Engineer variant, for their first showcase.

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Hey everyone!

Now that April is here we have a fresh set of Red Bean Rewards for those of you that are looking to stock up again! This month we've made the Royal Gliderpad, Flowered Wreath and Tiger Stripe Pattern!

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Get your scan hammers and thumpers ready because this coming weekend is another bonus resource weekend! Starting on Saturday, March 29th at 0:00 GMT resource rewards will be increased for all players by 25%! It's a great time to stock up on resources for your equipment or to help you progress your Battleframes. See you in game!

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